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Work Exchange Program
Terms & Conditions 

Work Exchange Program participants help support our conference in big ways! We could not do this without them! In exchange service hours during the conference, work exchange members receive registration discounts that offset their cost to attend. 



6 hours of service = $100 discount​


Parking Attendants

Friday Registration Desk

Dining Hall Monitors

Tea Station Attendant

Classroom/Teacher Assistants


Thursday Parking Attendant

Thursday Registration Desk

Thursday Tea Station Attendant

Dining Hall Monitor



Some shifts require standing, walking, and light lifting. If you need a stationary opportunity, we will do our best to accommodate if you let us know in advance.

Work Exchange participants are critical for the success of our event. Punctuality and dependability are essential, as well as flexibility. While we will honor your task preferences to the extent possible, ALL work exchange participants must be flexible. You will receive an in-advance assignment, however unexpected things could occur during the conference that would cause us to need your assistance in a different spot. Any concerns about expectations should be discussed before entering into a Work Exchange Program Agreement.


We cannot "hold" work exchange spots. We only have a few and they will fill up quickly. Once you are approved, you will need to be prepared to register within 2 weeks of approval or you will need to reapply. If the conference is less than 30 days away when you are approved, registration will be required within 48 hours of approval.

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