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2024 Wild Medicine Conference

Vending & Marketplace
Apply to Vend

2024 Vending Information

Herb and gift markets are so much fun! If you have a creation, craft, medicine, or service you would like to share, please read over this page and apply! 

The 2024 Wild Medicine Market will be a space for us to shop, make new connections, and even learn. Vendors will be welcome to vend on Friday, however Saturday will be the highlighted vending day. Sunday there will be no vending, as the conference will end by lunch and vendors may need Sunday morning to break down their booths.

Vending Booths
Vending spots are indoors unless you need an outdoor space for live plants. Vending spots are approximately 8 foot wide and vendors must provide their own table and tablecloth. If you cannot provide your own table, please reach out to us in advance so we can make arrangements to provide one for you. If electricity is needed, please provide your own extension cord.

Marketplace Hours
Some vendors will be open on Friday, however all vendors need to be open on Saturday from 12:00pm-8:00pm. If vendors choose not to have their booths open all day on Saturday, they will need to post hours at their booth that inform participants of when to expect them to be open.

Vendor Setup
Vendors may setup from 9am to 12pm on either Friday or Saturday.

Vendor Qualifications
1. Must be selling your own products or services (no multi-level marketing products or resale).
2. Must be an established organization, farm, or home business. No yard sale or bake sale style vending is allowed.

Vending Fees
Conference Registration + $40
This option allows you to attend workshops and activities as well as vend in the marketplace.

Vendor Rules
1. Vendors must apply (application below) and receive approval.
2. Vendors must be able to setup during established "setup hours"
3. All products must be labeled, including all ingredients in any herbal medicines. 
3A. "Fragrance" must be clarified to include the specific substance or ingredient.
4. Vendors are responsible for their booth security. 
5. Vendors are responsible for taking payment and providing change to cash customers.
6. Anyone working your vendor booth must be a paid conference participant. Discounts may be available for elders who are vending and require an assistant. Contact us for information about this.

Products/Services Allowed
Books and Magazines
Herbal Medicines
Dried herbs/mushrooms
Live plants and mushrooms 
Home products (candles, brooms, etc.)
Self-care products (lotions, soap, etc.)
Nature-based crafts
Sustainable clothing/accessories
Ritual/ceremony supplies
Services such as massage
+Other services/products related to herbal medicine, foraging, etc. 

Not Allowed
Any product, substance, plant, mushroom or service that is illegal in the state of Alabama.

We reserve the right to reject any vendor application for any reason.
We reserve the right to close any vendor booth if the vendor or booth attendants are not abiding by the spirit and letter of vending rules and agreements. 

1. Download the vendor application.
2. Complete application and email it to us @
3. We will start reviewing and approving applications on February 1, 2024. 

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